Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Bonefish Tip #3

So here's an tactic I use all the time especially with big nervous bones in shallow water! When you have clouds zipping along propelled by strong winds, the sun comes rapidly in and out of view. In these conditions, it's sunny... it's not... then it is again. The conditions change constantly and often.

You can make these conditions work to your advantage (especially with tailing fish or spooky fish that you have spotted and stalked). Try to cast so that your fly lands just as the sunlight appears or disappears. In these conditions, you can put it right on a bone's nose and they won't spook.

I hypothesize that the fish are visually acclimating to this changing amount of available light. When you deliver the fly at this interface of cloud and sunlight they are much less likely to spook when the fly sets down. Maybe their senses are overloaded with the changing light or maybe they are a bit confused, but they somehow don't take much notice of your fly hitting the water. They almost always eat and rarely "blow-up". Try it... it works!


  1. So that's all I have to do to be able to put the fly on a bonefish's nose. This'll be a real time saver because I won't have to spend all that time at the casting practice pond. 3 Jolly Rancher's to you.

  2. I can see it now, Doug's gonna have rod, reel and a pocketful of Jolly Ranchers the next time we go bonefishing!

  3. Know this trick, I did not. Try it I will.

    PS, It could be easier to leave a comment on this site. Install a spam-catcher program (like Askimet) and enable the Name/URL option for leaving comments. I have to log into Blogger (which I don't use) just to leave a comment on this VERY awesome site.

    1. Look into it I will!
      For the generous comment and good suggestion, thank you I do.

  4. I wish I lived someplace where the bonefish ate Jolly Ranchers while tailing patiently waiting to give me another where were you?