Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Permit on a Fly for Frank Foster... Accomplished at Water Cay Lodge

      I got this e-mail yesterday from a long time Water Cay Lodge supporter Frank Foster. Frank has been successfully fishing at Water Cay Lodge on Grand Bahama Island for years and I want be one of the first to say, "CONGRATULATIONS Frank!"
Frank is a diehard angler and a novelist. His third book, Catch a Falling Knife, is coming out April 2nd. For more info, go to his website at

Here is Frank's e-mail which I was very excited to receive!

To My Fellow Anglers; Family; and a Few Selected Friends Who May or May Not Care:

Well, it finally happened for me after lo these many years:  Permit on fly!  Last week at Water Cay Bonefish Lodge near Grand Bahama Island.

Please note the smile on guide Sid Thomas' face! This is a big thrill for a guide too!

What a great bonefish too!

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  1. Fantastic! Those look like two different permit. Did he catch more than one? If so, my attitude towards him changed from "that's nice, good for him" to "that sorry S.O.B.". It's just a matter of principal applicable to anyone catching more than one permit at a time.