Friday, March 16, 2012

Amazon 2012: Agua Boa Lodge Trip Report

...Hundreds of fish were caught. Probably at least a hundred fish each day by our group. Hell, Peter Greenleaf and Jim Wright caught 100 fish in one afternoon! Frank and his son Stro hooked an arowana and a payara one afternoon, as well as a pirarucu later in the trip, In addition, we caught matrincha, parapatinga, pirana, jacunda, dogfish, bicuda, and of course peacocks... the peacocks came in three convenient sizes:
Small... the borbeleta or butterfly peacocks (up to 5 lbs. and prolific, borboletas will wear you out).
Medium... the spotted or paca (they are tougher pound for pound than any of the peacocks and incredibly beautiful).
Super Jumbo... the temensis or tucanare peacock (vibrantly painted and dogged fighters, this species is the largest of the peacocks and are a truly an iconic gamefish).

To see the full trip report go to:

Amazon 2012: Agua Boa Lodge Trip Report

The Spotted or Paca Peacock

The Tucanare... The Iconic Amazon Peacock

The Butterfly or Borboleta Peacock

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