Friday, February 3, 2012

Water Cay Lodge Photos

After the Fly Fishing in Saltwaters e-mail, we've had quite a few requests for more photos of the Water Cay Lodge on Grand Bahama Island including more on rooms, boats, dining room etc. Here are a few that I hope will give you a better idea of what the lodge and boats look like:


  1. Sidney is an awesome guide and the fishing on the north side of Grand Bahama is totally understated. There are tons of big bones that roam the flats just a couple minutes from the lodge. Now they have direct flights from Richmond and Baltimore right into Freeport. Hard to do better than Water Cay for access and quality bonefish.

  2. Thanks for the comments Chris. I agree... great spots, that are easy to access, are getting harder to find.
    Everyone, make sure you read Chris' report on his trip to Belize River Lodge's Long Caye Outpost.