Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Photo and a Funny Note from the Ydens after their North Andros Trip

Larry and Carol Ydens just returned from a great bonefishing trip to North Andros and the Joulter Cays. When I commented on the beautiful photo of Larry's wife Carol, Larry made the following comment. I thought it was really funny and since I'm a short guy, I have now come to realize that tall guys have their share of problems too!

 Larry said, "You'll notice that there are no pictures of me, and that is intentional. I will not have my picture taken holding a fish. It dates back many years, when I went to Patagonia to fish. My guide, Arturo, and I were fishing Lago Founk, and I caught a very large Brook trout. Arturo asked if he could get a photo for his website, so we took photos of he and I holding the fish. When I returned to the states, and showed the pictures to my wife and daughter, they asked "How come Arturo's fish is so much larger than yours?"... Arturo is 5'5" and 130#, and I am 6'6" and 260#... so no more pictures holding fish..."

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